Deliverance Cry

Photo by Maria Pop from Pexels

“Resist the devil and he will flee”

Sometimes I feel like I’m resisting and nothing’s happening.

How much longer do contend?

Lord please help me to be able to preserve.

How do I take what calls me and defeat it in the end?

Or better yet how does the blood of a Saviour take what’s dirty in my life and clean it till there’s no spot or blemish?

Lord HELP!

Help me to conquer the very thing that scares me. Help me to fight the unseen. Help me to see what You see when You look at me.

Help me to treat others well even when they won’t want to do the same for me.

Teach me how to love the way You intended for us to love. That You will get the glory out of every action and reaction I have daily.

Just shelter me with Your wings, ’cause I’m Your chick🐣🐧🦅🕊

Cover me with Your feathers so I can feel my Daddy’s protection

Pour into me so much that it overflows to others around me.

Shine so brightly through me that my enemies can’t see to hit their target, but that they have the light of clarity illuminating the path they need to be on.

I will be who You called me to be! Even if I have to encourage myself in order to get there.

You continuously provide for and strengthen me.

Therefore I can do all things and I will succeed in the tasks of which You ordained me for.

In Jesus’ name thank You for the escape deliverance brings.



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