With the People Before God

I stand with the people, but I stand before God the Almighty.

So there are things that I will do in solidarity; but there are also things that I can’t do because I’m held to His standard.

Jesus stood against injustice and for the Father and His will.

So it’s possible to ‘rep’ Christ and be against all forms of mistreatment.

Christ led by example. He did what was right in the sight of the Lord and told us to follow Him and do what He did.

Do we look like Christ today?

Do we tell others the unadulterated truth?

Do we pray for the nation, others, Israel, the salvation of our enemies?

Do we fast? (Without prayer and fasting this kind can’t come out)

We can fight spiritually and stand naturally.

We don’t have the biblical power because we don’t have biblical prayer lives. We need to humble ourselves and pray, seek His face. Then He will pour out His Spirit and heal our land, our people, and our country.

Us Christians need to get back to basics, “return to your first Love”, and repent.

If we will repent, we will see the salvation of the Lord.

We can’t get there without Him, this world is destined for destruction, and the antichrist is soon to come. We still have a chance as long as we have breath.

“Follow me as I follow Christ”.

We will see biblical power. I will be apart of my Daddy’s movement. I will see people delivered in Jesus’ name!

I stand for the Father first and foremost. I will not break His rules for my life but if the laws of this land are contrary to Him. ‘Fa sho’ I’m ‘gonna do what I gotta do’.

I stand with the people before a Mighty God.


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