Spiritual Assassins


If you aren’t for us then you’re against us.

If you don’t run with us then you come against us.

We will slay every spirit around you, until you decide to come with us.

Because in this war there are no prisoners (no PoWs).

Only sons and daughters who wish to return home.

So if you can’t see clearly, allow us to illuminate the path.

We walk in righteousness, honor, respect, and the glory of the Most High!

We will not bend, nor will we fold under pressure.

Our prayer game is immaculate.

For our Daddy is Flawless!

In case you missed it and are wondering, our weapons are not worldly.

These weapons are of a spiritual nature. Heavy artillery never to be used against human spirits.

So when you see us it’s already to late.

Our Father has already worked on our behalf and in our favour!

Repent and come to the Almighty, He waits with arms open wide!

His love is our deliverance.

Worship, prayer, fasting, reading our Word, spending time in His presence.

These are the ways in which we fight!

The power of the Lord rest upon us! So we look like Christ.

He touched our lips with the coal of the altar, so we speak like Him.

We are lead by the Holy Spirit, so we do the will of the Father.

We are under His protection, so we’re equipped by Him.

When we speak His word the angels respond and move as He commanded. So we sound like our Papa.

We walk in obedience to Him and Him alone, so we are favoured and blessed by Him.

We forgive because we are forgiven.

Spiritual assassins we are!

We will fight the good fight till all whom He sent us to liberate are freed from the the grip of the enemy.

Lord pluck them off of Hell’s path.

Use us for Your purpose, pour into us that we prevail and that You get the glory.

This declaration was inspired by a dream the Lord gave me about spiritual victory.

Be blessed in Jesus’ name❣ 🖤💜💙💚💛🧡❤👑


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