Are You Ready to Hear

Something that happened recently got me thinking.

When God uses some else to help us, are we actually ready to receive at the time we begged Him for the solution? Or even when He’s ready to bless us with something new?

Rude or irrational reactions don’t help anyone. Many times it causes the other party to disengage/retreat. Sometimes that party may question if God said to speak to that person (the irrational person) or was it self (did I come up with this myself/is the enemy using me in this moment).

Getting through attitudes is not always easy. What’s even harder is going through the difficult situation with a good attitude yourself.

Said over reaction to the fimilliar person is exactly why I don’t have my name nor picture in the about section (they will not dispise me for my age, because they think they know me, nor because they are unsure if God can use me).

If the word heard, or in this case read, is from the Lord why is it that some will reject it if they deem the person unworthy or less than where they hold themselves to be?

If you acknowledge the person as a prophet but when they say something to you that you misunderstand or don’t want to hear, he or she is counted out.

I may never understand why people don’t just ask for clarity in stead of jumping to conclusions, or running full steam ahead with preconceived notions.

We as the body of Christ need to come together and communicate!

I love you all! And I guess that’s all I have to say on this matter as of right now.

Lord give us clarity. Open our understanding, and prefect communication between the members of the body. Give us the wisdom and knowledge to apply these attributes to our daily walk with You. Give us the patience to endure to the end that we might get the revelation of what is being said to us. That we don’t miss You in the moment. Give us the attitude that reflects You no matter the difficulties we face.

We bless Your holy name! Thank You! Glory Hallelujah! In Jesus’ name,



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