If you don’t have my Daddy’s permission, you don’t have me!

If a man doesn’t have a real relationship with God, he can not have one with me.

No matter how much he tries to sweet talk me, flatter, find something he thinks I’m interested in to pretend to have in common with me.

I will not be moved.

I know who my Father is and He takes good care of me. I am not a young lady with Daddy issues.

Flattery will get him nowhere and trying to run game will just tire him out.

He will learn who Jesus is today!

I get so many grocery store marriage proposals (and other places; mostly when I want to just be left alone, or call myself being invisible).

They all have the same things in common.

  • They don’t know Christ
  • They want me to “teach them” about God
  • They are overly aggressive in their approach
  • They act like I hurt them when I say “I don’t want your number, and if you give it to me anyway I’ll give it to some one who can teach you more about” whatever topic they tried to trap me with

Long story short, I stand for the kingdom of God, and it will take a real man of God to move me off my post and into our future.

I refuse to settle for less than the best my Father has to offer me! I will ride with and die for the lord. Any man that wants my attention should be just as passionate about kingdom work. Have a relationship with Him that I admire, and be lead by the Holy Spirit.

Not today devil! Not ever!

I am a child of the Most High and shall conduct myself as such!

For me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.

So whatever destiny Papa has designed for me, I pray Thee oh Lord let Thy will be done!


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