Iron Sharpens Iron

Iron sharpens iron, we are made stronger when we come together in fellowship.

As iron sharpens iron,

 so one person sharpens another.

Proverbs 27:17

Iron doesn’t cut iron because it’s made out of the same material.

Our tongues are weapons, made for spiritual warfare (praise, worship, prayer, rebuking, castingout, encouraging, etc…) not for harming our brethren.

Yes there will be shavings that come off when we are sharpened, but these peices are tiny and they were making the blade dull.

Once sharpened the blade works more effectively.

In order to rightly divide the Word of truth you need to be sharp enough to be precise (reading your Word, fellowshiping with other believers, praying, fasting, gettingin the presence of the Lord) .

When we correct one another in love it is also a part of sharpening our spirits. So don’t count it an offense if your brother or sister in Christ corrects you. Count it as love that they cared enough to edify a sibling in the Lord.

We can tell the difference between sharpening and stabbing, sharpening is unto repentance (turning from something, in this case it will bring you closer to God). Stabbing has an ulterior motive, and it doesn’t feel good after all is said and done (discernment comes in handy here).

If it’s still hard to tell whether or not you are sharpening or being sharpened, I suggest you consult the Lord in Jesus’ name. Then listen for and to the answer He gives and apply it to the situation.

If you feel you still didn’t get the answer, maybe God just wants you to be still and wait on Him. Sometimes our lack of response matters more than our response to that person. Maybe it was to edify that person in Christ and not you.

Be blessed my Christian family!


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