Heart Problems

Do you have a spiritual heart problem?

Can you forgive someone who wronged you?

Can you apologize for something you’ve done to others, or to God?

Are you willing to repent, to truly turn from your sins and do what the Lord says?

Do you have compassion for other people? It’s easy to have compassion for animals, but what about your fellow man or woman?

Saul had a heart problem. And even though the Lord God Almighty gave him a new heart, a heart transplant if you will, but his mind wasn’t renewed.

So he ultimately fell back into his old ways. He wasn’t repentant, he was stubborn, arrogant, and didn’t truly trust the Lord.

Saul didn’t even have compassion for his own son, when he found out his son ate after a vow was made that none of Israel would eat or they would surely be cursed. His own son who just brought home a victory for his kingdom. He said let him die. (1 Samuel 14)

Frankly put, I guess you can say he was ungrateful to God.

Which is why he lost the kingdom forever but David’s kingdom was established forever.

David did some wild stuff but his heart yearned after God’s, he repented for his evil ways, he worshipped the Lord.

He waited upon the Lord with his whole heart and mind.

David knew how to go to the Lord and be quite, in order to hear a word from the Him.

And when it seemed he was to far gone, Nathan (the prophet) spoke and David listened and did what it took to get back into good graces with the Almighty.

(Read 1 Samuel)

Go before the Lord and ask Him what your heart looks like to Him. Read your bible, it is the mirror that will show you if you reflect Him or the world/Satan.

If it’s determined that you do have a heart problem, there is deliverance, get with another believer and pray, get with someone with Holy Ghost power and get delivered.

Constantly renew your mind with the Word.

Lord give us a right heart and a clean spirit. We want to seek Your face like David did. We want to enter into Your gates with singing and enter into Your courts wit praise and bless Your name.

We ask that You draw us closer to You and that You put Your love and forgiveness within us. Lead us into all righteousness and away from temptation.

Deliver us from evil.

Give us a heart after Yours and a desire to renew our minds daily.

We want to be of better service to You, we desire Your will for our lives.

Use us like never before, that Your name will be magnified, and that You will get the glory, honour, praise, and respect from all that we do in Your name.

We thank You and praise You! Glory to the Lamb and bless His Holy name!


Be Blessed, and Be Encouraged Friends!


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