A measure of Self Control and a Dash of Responsibility

Sometimes I don’t understand other people’s intentions, so I wind up feeling some type of way based on their actions or response.

It’s even harder when I try and gain clarity in the situation, but the person takes it as an offense.

What to do in such times?

I don’t always react responsibly. Sometimes I ride the offense I feel in that moment. Until I realize that I am offended and then I say something to let the other person know what I’m thinking and feeling about the incident.

Then I give it to my Daddy, no matter what comes next. I don’t ever want to forget to go to the Father in times of hurt and confusion.

We are all human here, and we will make mistakes.

Lord allow us to see our errors before they spiral out of control and cause more trouble for us than we would have had, if we would have just been quiet and not have responded in the first place.



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