Our Father’s Love

The Lord loves us.
You need to understand that we don't deserve the goodness of God,  but He gives it to us anyway. 

He cares for you!

We often time don't take into consideration that God is unconditional love. 

The fact that He disciplines us is proof that He loves us more than we know.

It's hard to understand a love that can't always be felt.

It's hard a lot of the time to feel love from our loved ones. 

Then those foul spirits see the signs we show spiritually that we're vulnerable and they come to widen the small opening. 
That's when the pressure builds on us. Fight that feeling that no one cares! Fight that feeling that nobody loves you! Fight because your spiritual life depends on it! 

Tell those evil spirits to leave in the authority of Jesus Christ. 

We don't have to bear the brunt of the burden. Jesus told us to exchange burdens with Him. 
He gives something lightweight and we dump all that heaviness on Him.

The Lord said He'll supply all our needs, not just the ones He thinks are small enough to handle fast.

When we come to the Father, through Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit, we step in to sonship. 

If we are truly heirs with Christ Jesus,  why don't we believe it?
Why don't we act like it's already done?
It's so hard for us, partially because we are in flesh. 
And we know from our Word that when Adam and Eve sinned, they never repented nor were they reconciled to the Lord. Which resulted in all, mankind to be born into the now fallen world. 

And because sin separates us from God, it's harder to feel His love when we feel unworthy of it or we knowingly went astray. 

But if we humble ourselves, seek His face, turn from our wicked ways (#Repent), He will hear us and He is able to do what is in His will for our lives (#ItIsAlreadyDoneSpiritually).


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