Dream: the Mark

I was at work or a job related class. I started writing lyrics, they were flowing (not job related, but we had downtime).

As we were talking, working, creating a sound came over the PA system. This sound was weird. Like a person trying to be an alarm. Or maybe there was an alarm undertone, but the person’s voice bothered me. As they evacuated us from our rooms in the building they had leaders usher us into the auditorium.

I remember saying something about the alarm being weird and sounding like a person as, my group was led out to our “prospective places”, we went down the stairs leading to the auditorium.

The celebrity leading my group got near the doors and got out of line, grabbed two children from the line and started to walk in a different direction.

I saw her and said “what are you doing? They told us to stick together during this drill. Where are you going? ” she ignored me and kept walking and took her kids or grandkids through a side door.

I’m suspicious the whole time since getting to the stairwell but that didn’t sit right with me so as I approached the doors, I looked ahead. I saw machinery with needles and people sized pods. My first thought was “oh, they’re giving vaccines, let me go, I don’t want any.”

As I sidestepped the line, I saw that there were guards on the other side of the door. And it dawned on me that they were getting the mark of the beast in there. So I tried to quietly leave like the woman, but I must’ve said something out loud, about not wanting to be vaccinated, because the men saw me as I was going through the curtain.

One of the men shouted in my direction but I dissapeared into the black curtains. They had piles of stuff backstage. All the doors were blocked.

At first, I thought I could wait them out. I got into a space and sat down on the floor with my back against the wall and my phone rang. My brother was video calling me. I answered and quietly told him “I can’t talk right now, hold on”. I soon realized that I couldn’t wait where I was, I had to go.

I heard dogs barking then a man said this way, she went this way. I jumped up and decided to move some of the stuff off one of the doors; enough to squeeze through and it not be noticable where I went.

I got out into a main hall, and it seemed that the ceremony was over so I tried to blend into the crowd. I looked to see where they had their implants.

It was their foreheads or their right hands. I said to myself “they definitely took the mark”.

My cardigan sleeve was long enough to cover my hand, so I did what they did, when someone said something to me I waved my right hand at them to show I was with them. I made it to a outdoor hall with trees, right before the doors that lead to the lobby area where the main doors were. As I was going from the first door way, to walk that stretch of outside, a big super celebrity saw me.

She said whatever they all were saying and I did the wave like before, but she stopped what she was doing and told the others with her that she didn’t think I had the mark. She was like “I know her” then she started cycling through names after me. She said my name near the end. In fact she said it more than once. But I acted like she wasn’t talking to me. So she rambled off a few others.

I knew if I stopped, they could easily gather around me and try to overtake me. So I ignored her and kept walking like she didn’t say my name. As if she must’ve been talking to someone else with the same name, ’cause she’s not talking to me.

I got through the lobby doors, I heard that super celebrity yell stop her (I guess as the door closed behind me). I hurried across the lobby floor and thought to myself “I sure hope these doors aren’t locked now. Maybe they don’t know how to lock them remotely”. I pressed the horizontal bar lever on the door, and it popped open. “Thank God”.

I was outside, I looked around and saw a wire fenced surrounding the parking lot I suddenly found myself in. I knew there would be guards, possibly armed and dogs at the front gate. So I said “I can’t make it out of hear in my vehicle, I’m going to have to run”.

I ran for the tall wire fence and before I could get to the middle of the fence I heard people and dogs giving chase, one man hit the fence as I went overtop. I just jumped down, and turned to run. I heard another man on their side saying “don’t run into the water”, and talking about I was going to drown, telling other people to look at me.

But I was like “I know Who my Daddy is!” (I ignored that guy and started talking to myself about how Jesus walked and now I’m gonna run, I don’t remember all that I said.

I ran across that water till I hit dry land again. There was no one chasing me after that. They couldn’t follow me the way I left. So I walked past the people on the beach and near a parking garage or some building, but I turned right around to tell them what I witnessed.

They either didn’t care, didn’t want to hear it, or didn’t think it was going to happen this soon.

Then I woke up.

Half of the dream was night and half was day. It was night up until I got to the water.

Once I was on the water it turned day.

We as Christians need to pray for our nations, our families. Pray that this thing be delayed, that God’s people will wake up and seek Him. Pray that our loved ones will be strong in the Lord and not take the mark no matter what’s going on or what it’ll mean for them.

Many celebrities are going to willingly take the mark, but there will be others who snap out of it at the last minute. But those people who they led astray will be lost.

Wake up children of God!

Rise up and take your place in His kingdom!

Be blessed and encouraged! 🖤❤💛🤍🤎


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