This week is the Week the Lord has Made!

Thank You Lord for this brand new day!

Thank You for the guidance You will provide us today!

We ask that You get the glory out of this day which

You have made! You are great and greatly to be praised!

Lord God Almighty, we ask that You take back the night!

Take back the week!

Let the work of the Lord be done this month!

For the Lord is good, and mighty!

Let Your angles go before us into the places You are calling us to be this week.

Let Your light shine so brightly through us that it pierces through all manner of wickedness and darkness that comes remotely close to us!

Destroy every covenant, contract, and alter that is raised against us!

Shatter every weapon formed against us!

Dissolve every word come against us! We bind the witch’s powers!

Lord shutdown every work of the enemy aimed at us and our families.

Allow us to see the change that You are bringing. Allow us to be mighty instruments in Your land.

We thank and praise You Papa! Have Your way this week and let Your will be done! Glory, majesty, and honor all belong to You.

Bless Your Holy name!

Thank You Daddy!

In Jesus’ name


Be Blessed and Encouraged❣❤💛🤎🤍🖤


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