Relationship parallels

We have a new addition to the family now. A little fur baby.

And just seeing the interaction between the little one and us tells a story of how God sees our faith.

The fur baby would get anxious when you’re not near, bite when you are, rest upon you when in need of comforting, and have “accidents” all over the place (use of quotes because not every accident is an accident)… which has caused the little one to have restrictions put in place.

Looking at what’s happening here, I can see mankind’s interactions with the Lord. No I’m not saying all men are dogs 😅😉 nor mankind. I’m just observing the parallels.

We panic during our wilderness time, and don’t always make wise decisions. We get mad at God and lash out. We learn on Him when we are heavily distressed, and don’t always trust Him like we say we do. It’s not always easy to hold fast when all you can see is the negative.

We have slip ups, sometimes on purpose because we can’t control the urge to rebel (need deliverance from those strongholds and generational curses).

These things cause us not to get the full blessings our Heavenly Father wants us to have. Like the little fur being who can’t enjoy the full access to the house and yard.

No matter how much we as the provider love the provided for, they can’t understand it til he or she comes into the full knowledge of how we show love, that what we are doing may not be exciting but it’s for his or her own good.

Papa, show us how we look to you that we get it right. We are here to be about our Father’s business and we need You. We need you to shine Your light upon us and all around us, that we can see not only the error of our ways, but also the stumbling blocks set before us. We want to enjoy the fulness of Your Love!

In Jesus’ name


Be blessed and encouraged


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