Delivered Through Dream

Deliverance comes in many ways, each way has been ordained by the Lord.

My latest encounter with God’s almighty delivering power came via dream (spiritual reality).

I had been delivered by dream before and spirits like fear have attack and attach to me in that very surreal reality.

This time I was in a building and on one side of an invisible divider that wasn’t complete. My uncle and brother were on the other side.

Some guy came up to me, after I spotted my family I was bent over doing something about to approach my family.

He said something to me that I deemed rude at the time. I yelled across the man to my uncle saying “uncle, this guy is disrespecting me!”

My uncle didn’t say anything in the dream, just came right over and grabbed that guy from behind by his arms and body slammed him onto the floor. Then before I could process what just happened my brother started punching the guy in the back. When my brother stopped my uncle lifted the guy and slung him into the open space in the room, as if to say get out of here and don’t come back.

As soon as he was out of the hands of my loved ones a mob caught him before he could fall or stumble to the floor and started beating him.

Then I woke up a bit after this. I knew it was a spiritual dream but just couldn’t figure this part of it out. My uncle happened to come by that afternoon and I told him the dream, but before telling him the dream he saw I wasn’t feeling well.

A Little Background:

No matter how I was feeling I never complained to my family about it, so they had no idea what I was really going through.

All I would say is “I’m not feeling too awesome today” or I can’t because I don’t feel well.

Some of them called me a “baby”, said things like “suck it up we all go through things”, even “drama queen”, among other things.

Only my mother and my aunt knew what I was dealing with and it took years to really say every thing, that I was experiencing, in a way that didn’t sound like I was just complaining, or over exaggerating.

Only family that stayed with me got to see and know the worst of it.

I was no longer able to put on a mask about it.

It got to the point where I had noticeable difficulties and needed others to help me.

I prayed and prayed, fasted, rebuked and cast out.

Some of my problems left but the major player was still there tormenting me.

So I thought “well, maybe this is just my ‘thorn’ in my side”.

My mother kept telling me not to just accept it, and that God wants me healed.

Thank God for my mummy not accepting defeat on my behalf.

She thought I had given up because I said maybe this is God’s will for me for right now, and because I would say God is either going to heal me or take me with Him.

That wasn’t said in defeat but in boldness, I still have work to do so I know my Daddy will move on my behalf.

Back to the Story:

My uncle mentioned, before he left, the name of what was bothering me, but we didn’t know for sure that was it (the specialist doctors told us that wasn’t it), but we also didn’t correct my uncle (I wasn’t feeling awesome at the time).

That night I had another dream, this time it was the spirit attacking me that my uncle named earlier.

Three times in the dream it attacked me but by the third time I called it by name and told it to leave in Jesus’ name! Immediately I felt it lifting off of me, even as I woke up I could feel it leaving.

I haven’t had those problems related to that demonic spirit since that day.

The doctors told me that it wasn’t that but it was.

They couldn’t help me, but the great physician could. They had blinders on but my Daddy could see clearly and worked it out for my good!

Be Blessed and Encouraged Family❤💙💛💓💜💚💗

In Jesus’ name!



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