The Cost of Purification

Usually things that purify have to destroy things in order to clean something.

Bleach destroys bacteria, viruses and whatever else it can. It’s used to lighten things, and sanitize.

Fire burns out impurities until all that stands is the true form of something or ash/dirt. It’s used to cleanse the ground so that new life can grow.

They (bleach and fire) are great but if left too long on something they destroy it. They need to be washed out.

Blood is the life force that flows through us keeping us alive. We need a heart to keep it fresh and flowing.

Water refreshes, creates, renews, cleanse, clears up, and washes out.

They both need to flow in order not to be stagnant or stale. Blood stains, and ruins when shed. Water sweeps away if too much force is used.

There is life lost when all of these are misused or out of control.

But thanks to the Lord for moderation and application. Thank be unto Him for how His blood stains the sin so it can no longer be recognized by our Father as sin, but as something that was washed by the master and made clean.  When the blood of Jesus bleaches a matter it no longer exists in God’s eyes. He said, that sacrificial blood blots out and cleanses white as snow.

So we need to acknowledge the blood on our sins when we feel the urge to do it again. Acknowledge and plead the blood over ourselves and our thoughts, when we hear the voice of darkness telling us that it’s too late and that we can’t be freed. It’s never too late for God to show up and show out. Look at the thief on the cross that accepted the Lord and got a personal invitation from Jesus to Paradise.

The water of the baptism that washes away the old and renews you after repentance. His water refreshes you and restores you unto Him by His Holy Spirit. He equated the Spirit to living water and a eternal spring within your belly.

The fire of the Holy Spirit which purifies your spirit-man, which is why so many have dropped dead for going before Him unclean or unworthy in the Old Testament. The fire consumes that which is unclean and it shows what was underneath buried in impurities  mixed in the cares of this world. 

The Spirit of the Lord is not a toy, and is to be taken seriously. That’s why we give our lives to Christ, repent, then are baptized. Because Jesus is our intermediator, we can enter into the presence of the Lord wearing the BLOOD of Christ. Giving us the spiritual authority to come in as sons and daughters of the Most High.

We are able to speak on a matter and get Heavenly results. 

Speak life in the face of death and walk in the obedience of the Lord family. 

Go with God and ask Him what His will for your life is, and if you’re in alignment.

He will direct your path. Bless His name!

May God bless you all! May you live long fruitful lives!

In Jesus’ name


Be Blessed and Encouraged Family❣️💚🤎💙❤️💜🧡🖤💛🤍♥️


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