A Right Attitude Before the Lord

Lord I thank You for all You do for me.

I choose to move forward in Your will. Whatever that may look like for me in my life!

I choose You above all. 

My life is Yours, I thank You for leading and guiding me.

I am who You say I am, for You are the Great I Am!

Lord, my natural eyes say there is danger or that things won’t add up. 

I choose to see with my spiritual eyes. They tell me how good you have been to me and force me to look for Your Word on the matter.

If all your promises are “Yes and Amen” when I align myself with Your Word and Will for my life, then who am I to say anything less?

My heart yearns for You, and I desire to have what You want for me. So there’s no way I will continue to listen to those wicked voices that tell me to run as far away from You as I can get!

I won’t listen to those wicked voices telling me to follow the lust of the flesh!

But I will listen to that still small voice which tells me the right thing to do, no matter how hard it may seem. I will walk in the Spirit of the Living God; for You lead me into all righteousness, You won’t leave me nor forsake me, You clean me up and carry me when I’m too weak, and  Your Grace is sufficient for me to move forward in Your Way!

Lord I give You thanks for what You have already done, that I’m just now seeing come to pass.

For Christ I will live and when it’s my time, in Christ I will die.

Lord, I thank You for how you keep me and correct me. I thank You for uprooting all those things in my life that would whisk me away from You.

I thank You for how Your hand is mighty enough to protect me from unseen forces, but gentle enough to comfort me and anoint me and cradle me and so much more.

I love You Lord, and I thank You for healing me in every way, and covering me in the blood of Jesus.

Get the glory, honor, and praise  from my life, my spouse’s (future) life, my children’s (future) lives, and our animals lives.

In Jesus’ Holy name


👑Be Blessed and Encouraged❣️💜💙🤍💚🖤💛🧡♥️🤎❤️👑


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