Covid, Church, Deliverance

I tried not to speak on this topic. God didn’t tell me to give any speeches. This comes from my observations. This Covid time is exposing a lot of people and things going on around us.

That includes Christians who are in need of deliverance!

(By the end of this, I’d probably lose some followers, but I flow where God leads.

So pray about it and hear from the Lord, on the matter, for yourself. I make no apologies for the Word of God, nor for a Godly message.)

I know, but most of today’s church says that once you become a Christian you some how get rid of all the spiritual baggage that you once held, it just disappears some how. You didn’t have to renounce it or break anything, or nothing. But let’s draw our attention to all the times in the New Testament where it says “and Jesus healed them all” if Jesus healed and delivered all who came to Him, were they not majority believers?

Even the demons believed that their time was up when Jesus came to town. But they didn’t just leave at the presence of Jesus. He told them to go! We need to reread our Word. He told them to be healed, He told the spiritual bondage to lift and leave, and He also told us to GO AND DO THE SAME IN HIS NAME!

I don’t know where the notion that christians don’t need deliverance came from, but it’s totally unfounded and not biblical.

All these episodes of ‘Christian Karens’, and even throughout history those that did wrong in the name of the Lord should have proven that some people truly believe that they are Christians but have demons. We as believers can no longer turn a blind eye to church matters. We should be out there casting out and rebuking, instead we are inside coddling the very thing that oppressed us.

Why do we accept sickness and disease? They are not of God, in fact they are demons or the results of demons.

God’s promises for us are yes and amen, His plans for us are to do good and not evil unto us. So why are we accepting anything less in the natural?

If His people who are called by his name would humble themselves and pray, seek His face, and REPENT, then things will change. We need to do self deliverance on the church as a whole, and deliver the people who come looking for more than the world can offer.

When did we stop believing that deliverance and healing was for everyone? I’m sure whenever it was is when the signs and wonders stopped following most believers.

Let’s get back to our rightful positions in our Daddy. We are more than conquerors, we are children of the Most High King 👑.

Heavenly Father, we ask that You open our eyes, ears, and hearts to what You are telling us. We don’t want to be blind any longer. Use us for Your glory and let Your will be done in our lives. Dad, we ask that You get this message out to Your people. It doesn’t have to be by my pen, but revitalize and reenergize the church body as a whole.

Bring us back to our first Love. Remind us of how it should’ve been, before the interference of “leaders” with their own agendas in mind. Break the chains off of us that the false church left behind, and separate Your children in boldness from those that don’t know You. Remember us as we go forth and do what You called us to do. And forgive us for sinning against You, when we let others (leaders) talk us out of doing what You told us to do.

In Jesus’ name ❣️


Be Blessed and Encouraged Family ❣️🤍🧡♥️💛🖤💚🤎💙💜❤️


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