I was just talking with someone about what I don’t tolerate from people. And the person responded “I’ll pray for you”.

I don’t understand why people feel that we are supposed to just take whatever other people what to do to us.

Jesus said cast them out, not tell them it’s ok to do wrong, but tell them to repent for the kingdom of Heaven is at hand.

If Jesus didn’t tell us to ‘tolerate’ the the nonsense, why do you expect me to? If your toxic behavior is infringing on my right to live my God given life in peace either you take that nonsense somewhere else or you come get delivered.

If it’s a evil spirit, it needs to go. Paul and Silas were tolerant until they couldn’t tolerate it any longer. So the foul spirit was cast out. I’m not playing anymore games with evil, I’m not going to allow demonic spirits to get me to a point where I’m ready to act like the other person. I rather just walk away if God says it’s not time. Or to do like the Lord commanded.

If others take offense, they should cast the spirit of offense out of themselves.

We are the body of Christ; demons should see Him when they see us. They should alert us to their presence like they did Him, they should fear His power within us, and they should leave when we tell them to in Jesus’ name!

God is good and wants us all to be delivered and repent and live good, healthy, happy lives.

To God Be the Glory❣️

Be Blessed and Encouraged Family ❣️🤍🧡💙💜❤️🖤🤎💚💛♥️👑


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