When God’s goodness Seems Unfair

God calls for us to pray for those that hurt us.

Recently, He had me to pray for someone to step into their calling, the person wronged me years ago.

I thought I forgave well, but when told to pray for said person’s upgrade I felt upset and like why would I want to do that , this is unfair… Lord why would You want me to pray this type of prayer for someone who did what that person did to me.

Like Jona I wished to ignore the Word of the Lord.

But then I remember that it was unfair for God to have favoured me like He has in the past and will do in the future.

It was unfair for a perfect Man to have died for imperfect people.

It was unfair that even when on the cross Jesus asked God to forgive the very ones who were murdering Him!

And I also remembered that God calls for us to forgive like He forgives.
That He calls for us to be good to our enemies, not for our sake but for theirs. That they can see our godly example and repent and give their lives over to God. That the more they fight against our being good to them, the more it’s like hot coals poured out on their heads. How can they continuously be evil to one being good to them and not feel wrong in doing so.

That person is His to avenge against and he or she is His to renew. Who are we to tell a just God that He can’t deal with His creation how He sees fit, or that how He forgave and used us was only for us and He can’t extend that to those we’ve had beef with in the past.

I don’t know how He handled that person when I lost contact. But I know better than to tell my maker what to do!

Lastly God can’t use us to draw the world if we’re just as wicked as they are. We can’t reflect the world and expect a move of God. Reflect God’s Love, Wisdom, Judgement (judgement without love won’t produce change, and judgement while in the same sin is hypocritical and only produces rotten fruit).

Be Blessed and Encouraged Family❣️🧡🖤❤️🤎♥️💜💛💙💚🤍♥️


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