Wisdom During the Remainder of this Pandemic

Things are said to get worse this go round of the pandemic.

So if you haven’t already, maybe you should start a small garden for you and your family to supplement what you won’t be able to get in store.

Think about and be blessed family. We want to be ahead of the curve. God has given us wisdom and called for us to recognize the times and adjust accordingly. Ask Him for direction in how to go about it. But He has given us many examples of wisdom, from Joseph to the virgins.

Joseph didn’t even get the warning for himself, it came through his leader but God gave him the interpretation and the wisdom to implement a plan that saved not only his home but everyone who came that was in need.

The ten virgins. Five were counted wise and five foolish.

The wise were the ones who looked ahead to see that they were going to be in a situation that required planning.

The foolish were the ones who said someone else will plan and I can live off of that plan with that person.

Familiarity breeds contempt. Remember the wisdom of the ants and how they prepare but the foolishness of the grasshopper makes them feel entitled to what others planted and waited for but when it’s all been swarmed and devoured there is nothing for anyone and they are left to roam or die.

Be Blessed and Encouraged Family ❣️🧡🖤❤️🤎💜💛💙💚🤍♥️


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