Dream 02/27/2022

In this dream, it was night time and I was in what resembled a restaurant or a warehouse with windows and desks or some furniture.

I went to the window and saw what I thought was a bear outside the window. I wasn’t sure what it was trying to do or if it was trying to break in to the building I was in.

While I was we were busy debating on what the bear was doing or if it was indeed a bear; a lion walked into our building. I guess someone left the door open or it broke in, but I noticed it coming through the door and told everyone to look.

While we were watching the young lion or female lion, it knew we were aware of it now so it stopped and suddenly turned to attack my dog.

My dog must’ve tried to get between it and us. When I saw it pounced on my dog I took a desk that was near me and went and beat the lion to death.

It was dark and I was indoors so I can only go by the dream before’s markers. I’m not sure which way I was facing, so I won’t include North, South, East, nor West. It walked toward us, after I beat it back it died against a wall opposite where we watched the bear, to my left.

Then I looked at the wall it was on and it had small bugs climbing out. I said to the others there “I just killed it, how can roaches and bugs be in it already?”.

Now as I was talking to my mother about this dream, she pointed out that Russia is the bear, so my dream could be about the current war.

This is my revelation, we all are watching and talking about Russia right now from the world’s window (the news).

While we are distracted in the discussion, there are other enemies that are allies to Russia and they are getting in position to attack their enemy as well.

The young lion could represent a number of countries, but we know it isn’t Israel because the Lion of Judah is the King and He has the mane, that alone is enough to rule them out as the attacker.

So the other country would not only be an ally to the bear, but also an opportunist and take this war as an invitation to join in and attack someone else.

Whomever they attacked will get the better of them.

The roaches represent evil and demons, we know that it’s a spiritual attack first and war is born from wickedness.

The strangest part of this is while I was telling this dream to my mother and putting it together, the fire detector closest to my room went sounded while I was in the kitchen.

Only my dog was in the area.

It didn’t just sound and stay on, it sounded like it was malfunctioning, or like it was an emergency vehicle. Off and on until I got closer to the hall. Then it stopped and hadn’t come back on. I asked my dog what happened, and he looked back and up as if to say it was this one and it scared me.

Be Blessed and Encouraged Family ❣️👑🧡🖤❤️🤎💜💛💙💚🤍♥️⚔️❤️‍🔥👑

And remember to pray for your country and the leaders. That they make wise decisions that will bring glory to God. Pray that God will do a mighty work and that victory will be with His people. That he confuse the enemy’s camp and that they fight each other and there is a world size testimony that the Almighty God still delivers.

In Jesus’ Holy and Mighty Name❣️


The following was added on March 4th, 2022

Putin might be the young lion.

Someone said that he killed a black wolf recently because it was a healing ritual.

My dog looks like a black wolf.

Now rewards are being offered for his capture "dead or alive"

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