I often wonder how people measure “the anointing” .

Most of what I see seems they choose who is anointed by what gifts and how strong a gift they have.

If the anointing is measured by how much you’ve been through, then a lot of people can be considered “anointed”.

But you’re anointing can’t save you, nor can it deliver you. Repentance and belief in Jesus Christ can.

And you can be anointed to be against the people of God and God will honor it.

So how do you know when to call someone anointed? I think a lot of us look at the outward and don’t actually ask God “is this person Your anointed?”. If we did the answer might surprise us.

Just like Saul was God’s anointed, but he wasn’t God’s choice. The people chose him to lord over them and God blessed it. David was the rightful king but had to struggle to even take his place and sometimes to keep it. David counted the rulers over Israel as God’s anointed and killed anyone who killed them even though they counted themselves as enemies of David.

God had the prophet go and anoint Israel’s enemy as a king and the enemy of Israel. So to say don’t put your mouth on God’s anointed but you gossip about someone else because you don’t consider them God’s anointed is ludacris.

I remember years ago, a man in the grocery store saying that he was anointed to be wicked. He kept saying things like he was chosen to be a vessel of dishonor. I looked at him and didn’t understand why he seemed proud to be reprobate.

I don’t know what happened to that man, but I prayed he had an encounter with the Lord and changed his life to win souls for the kingdom with the same energy and zeal he had when I saw him.

I noticed that the anointing will cause some people who should love you to hate you.

It’s like they can’t see that they really hate what God is doing through you but for some strange reason they know they want to keep you around. Like how can you hate me and desire to be near me at the same time?

But we can see clear examples of this all through out the Bible.

Moses was constantly given an audience with the pharaoh. And his anointing stood strong in the room and said you need to hear me even if you don’t hearken to what I’m saying.

Joseph and David the same, those around them had contempt in their hearts for them but also relied on them to do big and mighty things.

The Power of God draws, good or bad. It draws attacks from the enemy and it draws them who will be saved. None can come lest He draw them!

Jesus (God in the flesh) had many hateful encounters even though He was doing miraculous things in front of the people every day. To the point where Jesus said they hate me, so they’ll surely hate you, because you come in My name and will do greater works than I.

There are some ppl that I feel God’s presence on or just feel strongly drawn to them…

But it’s not always the ones classified as “so anointed”… 🤷🏾‍♀️

A lot of the time, those that I’m told are anointed are well liked by everyone, and do have great talent(s), but talent alone can’t save souls.

Are lives changed after all the hooping and hollering is done?

Was there true repentance unto salvation after the beautiful singing?

These are the questions that matter when the anointing is mentioned.

Did God fill the room with His presence when you opened your mouth?

Did demons cry out leave us alone, or get cast out? Did someone repent or cry out for deliverance when you entered the room? What good is the anointing without the power? And is that even possible? I guess Samson had that type of experience, when the Spirit of the Lord left him, he was still God’s anointed, but had no power until he repented and asked God to be with him one last time, but I digress.

It’s time for a real move of God with the evidence that follows believers. It’s time for those that strive to be holy, because their Daddy is Holy and He requires a standard of living from His children!

I know somehow I released this message before it’s time, last time, and I’m sorry for that. But I pray this be a blessing to you who read it, and that you know it’s been on my mind for quite some time.

1 John 2 stated that those with the Holy Spirit are anointed. So why do we have so many people telling us that only a select few are truly anointed? The same Spirit gives us all a measure, and we certainly can’t measure someone else’s anointing by what we see, when we can’t see anointing with the naked eye.

Only God can weigh our worth, and He does it by His own means.

This was in no way meant to attack anyone or put anyone down, but to say we can’t always be sure of who God anointed until something happens to where that anointing shines so bright it’s hard not to notice it.

Those people are usually the ones anointed early in life and kept under wraps until God is ready to present them.

So we should treat others right regardless of what level we think they operate on.

And always correct our brethren in love when the Lord leads. Accountability is for us all not just the laymen and women.

Be Blessed and Encouraged Family ❣️👑💚💜💛💙♥️🤍🧡🖤🤎❤️👑


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