It’s crazy how you can see that you are touching lives and still feel like a failure.

This is why so many prominent people can be impacting lives and still feel alone and commit suicide.

They can’t feel the connections with those people around them because there is no one on one relationship. And even if there was a relationship it’s easy to feel alone in a crowd because most relationships are superficial.

These are the people who give and pour out but don’t quite receive the same energy that they give, so they get depleted over time, or they feel so isolated from the world around them that they feel it’s useless to try because no one wants to get to know him or her.

In reference to the first group:Jesus knew the power of getting away to take time for Himself and be before the Father to regenerate. He had the Father to talk to Whom poured into Him and kept Him going. Because this flesh is weak He knew He needed to rely on the Holy Spirit to strengthen Him for His task.

In reference to the second group: actually stepping outside of their shell a little or someone reaching out to them could make a world of difference.

There is a third group: the ones who do wrong and then take their lives for whatever reason, so they don’t have to face the music (deal with the consequences of what they’ve done).

Maybe even forth: who feel they are making a sacrifice for someone or even others. Jesus was the only one that could make such a sacrifice and it count for other’s salvation. There is no way for them to know if after they died the others would still live unharmed and free. So all they can do is pray that God intervene.

Suicide is a spirit and it talks to people or it enters them to drive their thoughts to thoughts about death. We must counter the death thoughts with words of life, love, light and Jesus!

Suicide targets a lot of Christian leaders and those followers of Christ that are making a difference in the lives around them. It also targets a lot of people who are alone and isolated.

Suicide has associates that includes depression, anxiety, fear, among others. When you have suicide cast out, you may also need to evict it’s comrades.

Having a lot of responsibility but feel like you get the least amount of understanding from others; equals a heavy weight that you feel you can’t hold on your own forever.

The liberal soul shall be made fat: And he that watereth shall be watered also himself.

Proverbs 11:25 NIV

Reach out to someone if you’re being attacked by suicide and it’s buddies. Give those feelings to God, and know that you can make it through. One day will turn into one year, and you will be able to look back on that day and say “that was a tough time in my life, but God saw me through!”

I know because I made it through and you can also! Fight the good fight and counter every word whispered to you with the word of God! I thank God for sending ministering angels to oppose the words the enemy was planting in my head. How else can you explain a deep urge telling you to kill yourself and then hearing “no, God wouldn’t like that, God wouldn’t like that” everytime you were about to do it.

God is good!

God is faithful!

God is just!

All we have to do is listen to that still small voice and drown out the evil yelling at us to do it, with the Word of the Lord and prayer.

This topic came to me probably in January, and I have heard a number of people who took their own lives since. Don’t let the devils fool you into ending your life. You have more to live for, and if you give your life to Christ it will count, even if the impact you had meant the world to only one other person, your life can touch that one to touch millions.

Repent and ask Jesus into your heart. Yes I’m saying repent from trying to commit suicide. It’s a sin because it is against God and steals lives and brings no glory to the Lord.

So repent and and the Lord to come in to you and forgive you of the error of your ways. Ask God to give you His Holy Spirit, and tell that spirit and whichever others accompanied it to leave in Jesus’ name. You shall live and not die, and with Christ you shall have abundant life!

If you need deliverance help, go to your local church that is Bible believing and preaching, filled with the Holy Spirit, and knows that things need to be renounced and broken and cast out.

I hope you found this helpful, i know it’s a little different, but I can’t stand to see the enemy win over the children of God or reeking havock in the lives around them/us.

👑Be Blessed and Encouraged Family ❣️❤️‍🔥🖤❤️🤎💛🧡💚💜💙♥️🤍⚔️👑


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