72/12/3/1 The Disciples

The disciples that walked with Jesus, His chosen group of disciples, and His trusted close disciples, down to the “one whom Jesus loved”.

Often times when we refer to the disciples we say the “12…” but there were many disciples but only a handful were chosen even less were constantly in the know and even less understood the assignment.

It’s crazy how out of all of the disciples only one had the revelation that he was loved.

72 started off with Him.

12 were personally chosen by Him to follow Him a bit closer than the rest would.

3 were in His immediate, trusted, ride or die circle.

But only 1 got the revelation that Christ came to us in love and correction.

Look around, we see this playing out before us on a larger scale.

We have many denominations and people claiming to be Christians. Most of whom are just giving lip-service.

Then we get down to the chosen and even among the chosen there may be a goat or two. But the majority of the chosen will buckle down and truly be dedicated to the Lord and will live a life in Christ.

Then we get down to the ones that are being directed by the Lord a bit closer because they have a hunger and a thirst for the Lord and the things of God; that’s bigger than what they want. These are crying out “Father give me the desires of Your heart! Go beforeme and direct my path, I only want what You have for me! I will say what You tell me to say, I will do what You show me to do, I will go where You lead me to go!” And the Lord does, because they have a true relationship with Him and He can trust them with His secrets.

Then there is what seems like one out of the whole lot that enclines a little better and gets that we war spiritually and what that means naturally, this person says in their heart that there is no life without God and truly believes to live is Christ and to die is gain. The one that took it personally that Jesus came here for me and I am a real heir of God AlMighty and as such I am entitled to the inheritance through the blood of Jesus.

The one is apart of the three as the three is the twelve as is the twelve the seventy-two.

But their level of application and dedication, understanding and relationship places them where they fall in the group.

All disciples but each on different levels. Some playing church and don’t actually believe, then there are the few and far between that make up the remnant of God’s church.

Examining ourselves constantly helps us to realize where we land in our walk as disciples of the Lord. It also gives us the chance to repent and humble ourselves before the Mighty God we say we serve. We should all look at our walks in Christ through the eyes of our Heavenly Dad and adjust what needs adjustment.

Daddy, we thank You for revelation, knowledge, understanding, and wisdom.

We ask that You show us what You want us to work on and change.

We plead the blood of Jesus over our mind, body, health, spirit, finances.

And we ask that You have Your way in our lives.

Forgive us for our sins against You, others, and ourselves.

We thank You for everything You do for us and through us.

We ask that you destroy the plans that the enemy has for us and realign us to Your will, Your way and Your Word for our lives.

In Jesus’ most Holy name


Be Blessed and Encouraged Family β£πŸ‘‘πŸ€ŽπŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ§‘πŸ€πŸ’œπŸ’™β€πŸ–€βš”πŸ‘‘


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