We don’t always apologize properly.

Sometimes pride rears its ugly head and we go into excuses and justifications as to why we were right in our wrong doing.

The simplest most effective way to apologize while killing flesh is to say sorry and the reason why you are apologizing. You don’t need to say anything more or less than that.

“Hey _______, I’m sorry that I hurt you. I wasn’t thinking about the outcome only the moment. It hurt you or caused you a problem, which wasn’t my intention. ”

It clearly states the purpose was to show remorse and not place blame on anyone but yourself, regardless of how you feel or what they did to cause the problem. If more of us swallow pride society would be a much better place.

Anything after that you take to God. Like the anger you might have felt, the attitude you want to have, or even if you felt they didn’t accept your apology.

Its not your job to make them hear you or accept your apology. Don’t let that make you feel bad. If you truly repented and apologized then just move forward with your life.

Your job was to sincerely apologize. They’re job, should they choose to accept it, is to forgive so they’re forgiven by God AlMighty.

I said a all of this to say, we’re all human here. We make mistakes and need to apologize at times for them. We can’t let pride nor embarrassment take us out of the race.

God has greater for us but how can we receive new if we don’t release old.

Sometimes a genuine apology is all it takes to win a sinner, because they’re always watching you to see if you are truly practicing what you preach.

I had to be reminded of this recently. I almost didn’t apologize to someone that I hurt indirectly, because they do a lot to me and act like nothing happened.

I said “why should I care when their feelings are hurt when they cause me problems all the time?” But no matter what flesh felt God said and had my mother to tell me to just do what is right.

There was no other way for me to look at it than right and wrong.

I hope this helped somebody! 😃

Be Blessed and Encouraged Family ❣ Be Vigilant❣🤍❤🤎💛💜💚💙🧡🖤

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