Discerning Between Personality/Opinion/Message

Being able to discern between personality, the message, and the opinions of the messenger.

At times we get mad at others for giving us a good Word with an attitude.

God called the person and it is up to the person to be lead by the Holy Spirit in changing his or her attitude flaws.

So what I’m saying is, God uses people and not always do we agree with the delivery or the packaging the message came in, but if we know the Word and weigh the message by the Word we can see whether it is of good or bad fruit.

That person doesn’t get a pass to stay in a foul attitude either. We should be constantly adjusting to the fine tuning of the Holy Spirit and always repenting and growing in the Lord. Gaining the fruits and the gifts of the Spirit (if not already in your mental basket).

My point is that some messages are sound and the person doesn’t try to turn you to other gods at any point. He or she just mishandled the delivery of the message or gave his or her opinion on top of the message God said give.

We as believers need to have enough Word in us to be able to discern personality from opinion from God’s given Word and instruction.

We all need to be better examples of God here on earth.

And though those who teach are held to a higher standard, please keep in mind they are still people.

And people ‘people’.

We all need some grace from one another, but we can’t stay in our messiness. “Shall we continue in sin that grace should abound?”

Most certainly not!

We must rightly devide the Word of Truth and “test every spirit to see if it be of God”!

Also, just because our feelings got hurt doesn’t mean that God didn’t say it! He corrects us and convicts us to repent. The enemy works in condemnation and is the accuser of the brothren! It cut you in order to remove a spiritually malignant growth!

Be Blessed and Encouraged Family ❣️❤️‍🔥🖤💙💜🧡❤️💚🤎🤍


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