My Worth Doesn’t Change, Because You Now See It

In other words, my worth is not dictated by how you see me.

Are you currently being overlooked? Don’t feel bad, so was Joseph, David, and Gedion.

But God was able to use them mightily. God doesn’t look at what everyone else does. He’s not shallow. He looks within and sees who you really are deep down inside.

So you can be dusty from the snake pit; smell like sheep; or be the smallest and most insignificant in your family and friends eyes.

If your heart is right and you are a willing vessel, God can use you.

Pressure produces diamonds not coal. And no one handles coal with care.

But it’s that constant and consistent pressure over time that builds and transforms that coal into a precious stone.

Even though a diamond is just fancy dirt, everyone wants to wear it.

Everyone wants one now that it is shining, but where were they when it was being formed and pressed? Where were they when it looked as if it couldn’t handle too much more pressure ?

They think and whisper “surely” it should have shattered by now, how is it still structured and stable?

When it didn’t look like nothing is when it was overlooked. Nevertheless it was still a diamond. Though its outer appearance left something to be desired.

They don’t know how that diamond was lazer cut and how it had to be pressed and hewn out of the earth, cemented and sawed.

If all they ever see is the shine on your life after God has polished you and placed you in a beautiful display case, know that the value they now put on your life doesn’t mean it wasn’t there all the while. It just means your heavenly Father had to hide you and keep you to Himself for a period of time. In order to extract what precious gifts He placed inside of you.

Daddy knew your worth when you were merely dirt, and He went so far as to call you His.

You are special to Him. He loves you and will do what needs to be done for them that love Him and are called according to His purpose.

Repent unto Him and be baptized that He will use you and fill you up.

Be encouraged!

Be Blessed!


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